The best interpreters are those that you don’t even notice: they remain quietly in the background, ensuring smooth communication between the parties to the discussion. With my support, you are able to communicate with your audience at the highest level, whether it be during a speech, company tour, business negotiation, trade fair presentation, conference or a telephone conversation.

Different techniques for different demands

As a sworn interpreter for liaison interpreting in Arabic and thanks to my master’s degree in conference interpreting, I am qualified to perform all types of interpreting:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Bilateral interpreting
  • Whisper interpreting (chuchotage)

Would you like to find out what interpreting technique would be best suited to your specific situation? Or do you have another question regarding interpreting? I would be happy to advise you by telephone +49 (0) 761 152 975 53 or email

Working with Dr. Falk was exceptionally pleasant: friendly, competent, fast…happy to work together again anytime!

Michael Steinle, modular - Agentur für integrierte Kommunikation (Stuttgart)

We have been working regularly with Dr. Falk since 2014. Among other documents, he translated extensive legal technical texts from Arabic into German. All translations have been delivered on time and we were always very satisfied with the reliable collaboration.

Frank Neser, Marketing Manager, eLocalize for Technology SAE (Kairo)

Dr. Falk has translated numerous recorded interviews from Arabic into German for me. I wanted to have a precise translation taking exact connotation into consideration. Thank you very much for working in such a reliable and accurate manner!

Sarah Schreier, Producerin & Regisseurin (Weimar)