Dr. Daniel Falk

As a qualified interpreter and translator, overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers is my specialty and I am pleased to offer you professional language services in the language combinations Arabic-German and German-Arabic, as well as English-Arabic and, when agreed upon, Arabic-English. Moreover, as a political scientist and Arabist, I am happy to serve as a proven expert on the Arab World.

Translations Arabic to German and German to Arabic

Professionall Arabic-German and German-Arabic translations: native speaker quality delivered on-time

Do you need a professional translation from German to Arabic? Would you like to have your Arabic texts translated into German? If so, you have come to the right place. I am happy to assist private individuals or other translation service providers. In addition to traditional translation projects, I also handle the translation and transcription of audio and video files, for example, for social and market research. Alternatively, I can put together summaries and content information of longer texts in Arabic for you.
My three primary areas of specialization are:

  • Health and medicine
  • Law
  • Social sciences and the humanities

In addition, I can provide you with translations of texts from the following fields:

  • Trade and international economic relations
  • Health and medicine
  • Advertisement and marketing
  • Education and research
  • Associations, organizations and social institutions
  • Media, culture and political education
  • Public agencies and courts

My services include certified (sworn) translations which are recognized by all German courts and authorities.

Punctual and completely professional

No matter what project you approach me with, I guarantee on-time delivery, professional communication regarding the project from start to finish, and, when agreed upon, secondary quality control through editing by a colleague. I work closely with professionally-qualified, native speakers of Arabic for translations from German to Arabic, as well for those projects requiring a quick turnaround or translation into multiple languages. I would be glad to organize a special team by drawing on my extensive network to ensure a competent completion of your project in the shortest time possible. Moreover, I am happy to provide contact information for colleagues working between Arabic and English.

Applying expert knowledge and extensive experience to produce excellent translations

Thanks to my academic degrees in Arabic studies, political science and conference interpreting, as well as extensive time spent abroad and regular participation in continuing education workshops and trainings, I consistently refresh my knowledge base and understand the minute details of those language-specific, cultural parameters which are so important in translation. As a result, you can rest assured that the translation I provide is adapted to your target group, the correct style is reflected and specific technical terms are applied consistently. In short, I provide you with a German or Arabic text that is ready for publication.
It goes without saying that I use the most up-to-date technology when preparing a translation. For example, I work with the CAT tool Trados Studio 2014.

Member of the German Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ)

Since I first launched my career as a freelance translator, I have been a member of the most important professional association of interpreters and translators, the BDÜ. I regularly take part in various continuing education seminars on different topics relevant to my field since the quality of the work product is directly affected by whether or not a translator consistently brushes up on their knowledge. Moreover, active exchange with colleagues allows me to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others.

As you can see, you can trust me completely with your translation, without reservations. Simply give me a call at +49 (0) 761 152 975 53 or send me an email at mail@falk-translations.com. I look forward to working on your project!

A list of chosen references can requested via email.

Interpreter for German-Arabic and Arabic-German: smooth communication at the highest level.

The best interpreters are those that you don’t even notice: they remain quietly in the background, ensuring smooth communication between the parties to the discussion. With my support, you are able to communicate with your audience at the highest level, whether it be during a speech, company tour, business negotiation, trade fair presentation, conference or a telephone conversation.

Different techniques for different demands

As a sworn interpreter for liaison interpreting in Arabic and thanks to my master’s degree in conference interpreting, I am qualified to perform all types of interpreting:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Bilateral interpreting
  • Whisper interpreting (chuchotage)

Would you like to find out what interpreting technique would be best suited to your specific situation? Or do you have another question regarding interpreting? I would be happy to advise you by telephone +49 (0) 761 152 975 53 or email mail@falk-translations.com.



About Dr. Daniel Falk


… because communication between people is close to my heart

Languages and different cultures have fascinated me from a young age. Early on, I learned to look beyond my own backyard by traveling and spending extended periods of time in countries such as Russia, Egypt and Georgia, which awakened my curiosity in other cultures.

During my university studies (Arabic studies/political science/conference interpreting), followed by my acceptance to the doctoral program at the faculty for Arabic language and translation (University of Leipzig), I traveled to numerous Arabic-speaking countries, which allowed me to deepen my understanding of them. As a result, a thorough linguistic training in Arabic laid the foundation for an intensive study of the political, social and historical conditions in this extremely diverse region.

  • As a translator, I translate texts into German or Arabic in a manner that is comprehensible, reflects the original style and preserves every detail of the original. As a political scientist and a scholar of Arabic studies, I can quickly navigate the ins and outs of a particular topic, especially those that are regionally specific.
  • As an interpreter, I make sure that various people can understand one another directly and without disruption, whether it be at a conference or a gathering of specialists, during negotiations, at the hospital, in the media or in court.

Moreover, I was a lecturer at the University of Freiburg and the University of Zurich and I shared my knowledge at various seminars and language trainings because to me, communication among people, in spite of language barriers and borders between countries, is extremely important.
Would you like to know more about my background? Please give me a call +49 (0) 761 152 975 53 or send me an email mail@falk-translations.com. I would be happy to provide you with more information.


Contact Details Dr. Daniel Falk


Would you like to discuss a specific translation project? Do you have questions about my working methods? The best way to reach me is during the week by telephone at
Landline: +49 (0) 761 152 97 553
Mobile: +49 (0) 160 97 05 2207
If I am busy working on a translation and not able to come to the phone immediately, please leave me a message- I will call you back shortly!
Feel free to contact me by email, fax or over social media:
Email: mail@falk-translations.com

I look forward to hearing from you!